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As part of a major branding exercise and website we are currently working on for St James Schools we were asked to develop a school video for the boys school in Ashford, Surrey.

We were asked to create something unique – a film that was different in style, engaging, that created something that was a world away from the myriad standard school videos that seem to be everywhere currently. How did we achieve this?


We were disciplined about the nature of the content, all based around answering all their communications and business objectives, and used imagination and creativity to develop a storyboard that really pushed the boundaries of what was possible. We also made sure we didn’t follow the tired visual queues of the standard school video format.


The end result is a stunning look into 'an extraordinary day' at this most incredible school, compelling anyone who views it to take a closer look. It really brings the school and the characters within it to life. More importantly the final film is totally unique to them.

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