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Kipepeo is a charity working
in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya (the second largest slum in Africa).


The Kipepeo initiative empowers women from Kibera by providing them skills, employment and security.

Greetings cards are created by the women using homemade paper, pulped and processed by them, then screen printed or decorated by hand using materials found in the slum.


The charity provides a market for the cards so they can be sold in the UK, US and Australia. Each card is unique. The last person who touched it was the woman that created it; the next person who touches it is the person who buys it. The connection is that close. Another pro bono project, we were responsible for all branding, collateral and tag-lines. Over the years we have made several trips to the project to oversee design, production and to teach the women new techniques such as screen printing.

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