The Team

Our Studio

The Team

Our studio is a collection of designers both experienced and new but each one youthful in their approach.

Aside from Justin, David and Kerrie, we have no formal account managers, instead preferring our designers to communicate directly with our clients. There are no departments either and as such no boundaries between brand, print, digital and all the other disciplines we work in. Just one solid studio.

Justin Anderson Managing Director

Having studied music professionally, Justin started his career in design in 1981, taking a part time role as a runner for a design agency to support his life as a struggling musician. Offered the security of a full time job in the centre of the creative industry in Soho, he accepted a position as a studio manager in 1985 and music once again became a pleasure. In 1997 David and Justin founded AND. His responsibilities cover the day to day management of the agency, business development, account management and project and budget management. However, coming from an arts background his creative contributions and objective eye come in very useful during the design and brand strategy process.

David Norton Creative Director

David, our creative director, was trained as a designer in 1980, about three years before the Mac was introduced in the UK. So he crossed that world of structured, established principles in typography, concept and commercialism, with the liberation in creativity that the then new technology brought. His first design position was working alongside Justin and they have worked with each other ever since, setting up AND in 1997. David develops brand strategies with skills that bring out the spirit of any organisation and alongside his studio he ensures that this is translated into a style that inspires the audience.

He is as enthusiastic about design now as he was at college and his classic training is becoming more relevant as clarity in design becomes more and more crucial is this busy world. Form follows function is as crucial now as it’s always been.

Kerrie Coe Design Director

Kerrie has been with AND since 1998 after qualifying with a Ba (Hons) in Graphic Information Design from Falmouth School of Arts. Working on every aspect of the studio’s output, Kerrie's creative approach to design is complemented by her eye for detail, a love of typography and ability to work within deadlines and budgets. She has been responsible for the brand development of several clients and is experienced in both the writing and development of new brand guidelines. Her experience and proficiency in all current design software programmes ensures the most up-to-date and efficient processes run through the studio.