Serious, funny, engaging, practical, inspiring, energetic, here’s a selection of our recent work, all of it reflecting the spirit of our clients, their ventures, and their customers.

17 Capital

A lovely project. When discussing imagery for the site the client asked us to create, we saw on the walls some beautiful photographs of landscapes in France. We took them down and scanned them back at the studio. They look great on the site. www.17capital.com


Development of design and brand for art'otel, part of the PPHE Hotel Group

August Equity

These were the previous designs for the August magazine. Amazing images.

Morgan Chambers

With such a successful rebrand, they were soon bought by EquaTerra and then by KPMG.


Kipepeo is a group of women living in the Kibera slum in Nairobi that make greetings cards from recycled waste. We created the identity (the name means butterfly in Swahili).


This was the original brand for ISIS private equity. Each logo was different as the employee could choose their own symbol above the brand. This showed the diversity in both portfolio base and employee. The cards became great conversation pieces.


Some of the 80 unique symbols for the ISIS brand.

Independent Schools Council

The ISC came to us for a new brand and visual identity that positioned them as much more representative of the diversity of schools under the independent banner. Independent schools range from public schools right through to specialist schools for dyslexia. This project led to all our work for independent schools. The education is truly inspiring.

Independent Schools Council

The Independent Schools Council brand. A classic example of our ability to say everything in one simple marque. The ISC: representative, approachable, balanced.


For 12 years AND were the lead brand and design consultant for The General Teaching Council for England. It was sad when they were disbanded at the start of the recession.