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Leading public school needs Prospectus

Or do they? One of England's top five public schools has appointed AND after a three way pitch, to create a new Prospectus. Winchester College, arguably one of the top 5 public schools in the UK, commissioned AND to undertake brand strategy, messaging and design of a new Prospectus for the College. Winchester has parents of prospective pupils knocking at the door which begs the question - why do they need a prospectus. Having spent a number of days at the school talking with students, teachers, the Headmaster, matrons and housemasters we identified the key messages surrounding Winchester and those things that make it a unique place to educate intellectually ravenous students. Attracting the right kind of boy, the "Wykhemical mind" with a hunger for knowledge, in a homely, stimulating environment appears to be paramount and we aim, through the prospectus, to take parents and students alike on a journey that truly reflects this vision. Click here to view.

Winchester Propspectus